You Rock!

You Rock!

Just got the memo from my fav’ travel owl ???? (no hard feeling, the pigeon enjoys a well deserved meditative retreat): YOU’re on WAITLIST for the long awaited 5-day COSINESS challenge: how to let the steam out & turn your dearest daydream into a 90-day cosiness-based plan

Thanks for joining us & now, let’s celebrate you!

Then, what’s next?

A private invit’ to join “the 5-day COSINESS challenge: Spring edition”

→ at its lowest price ever (under $100).

When? Early March 2023

You can print & fill the SELF LOVE pages OR use them as inspiration to create your own piece of self-love art. Both are highly suggested (& a hot cup of your fav’ italian coffee + a red velvet with a double dose of vanilla frosting are recommended)


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