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Comfort zone rocks

Unapologetic Lifetstyle for the

Maverick Go-Getters


How to be a limited edition who harms

no one but take no s***

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Hi there, I’m Ophelie


Hard time with my first name? No big deal. Call me Lexi like my friends.

Comfort Zone Rocks hosts The Wisdom of Raven Movement & the Raven Raising Framework as a safe haven to build up self confidence, strengthen inner knowledge, & ditch ALL the crap you’ve ever heard about living unapologetically.

Comfort Zone Rocks is proudly giving back by planting trees for EVERY purchase. 




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Your Life. Your Rules

My No-Nonsense BS-free certified framework called Raven Raising has inspired hundreds in owning their quirks & flaws with confidence.

You’ll learn how to carve a path that honours your skills & respects your vision.

My mission is to blend inner wisdom & practicality so you feel unapologetic. I inspire you to break free from toxic positivity, fad trends, mainstream BS & the guilt-induced self help world.