Be on Waitlist ✓

Be on Waitlist ✓

Just got the memo from my fav’ travel owl ???? (no hard feeling, the pigeon ???? enjoys a well deserved meditative retreat): YOU joined the Waitlist for the Comfort Zone Rocks Icebreaker ???? ???? ????

Thanks for joining us & now, let’s celebrate you!

Guess what’s coming soon?

You’ll get a private invit’ for the next Icebreaker challenge: your monthly remote community to let your hair down & learn creative tools to soothe your soul (+ build a rock solid confidence) → without setting goals ????, meditating ????, or doing power kung-fu ballet ????

To GET 15% OFF, use code ICEBREAKER15% (case sensitive)

⚠ You’ll get a separate message with the check out link + the discount code as soon as the doors will be open. ⚠


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  • if you’re using any other inbox system, please add me to your whitelist