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Ready to Land

Ready to Land


Unless there’s a tornado inside the internet wires, the UNAPOLOGETIC MANIFESTO is supposed to land in your inbox… like… now.

Just in case, check the spam folder OR the promotion tab.


  • Save the PDF on your computer/ laptop
  • Open the PDF (margins are included)
  • Use your home printer to print ONE or MORE manifesto
  • Pick your fav’ pencils, highlighters, pens to FILL the page -> ALL your answers are LEGIT
  • OPTIONAL: frame & hang. Your piece of art deserves it.
  • It’s time to RESET your life

    ✨ Let the steam after a never-ending Sunday family lunch in the RANT pages.
    ✨ Take a screenshot of your life (no rose tinted glasses needed) & where you’d love to be next.
    ✨ Remind yourself how unique, awesome, capble, & daring you are with BUBBLES of self-love.
    ✨ Overcome self-doubt for good, one tiny success at a time with the COMFORT ZONE tree.
    ✨ Nothing is set in stone, test, try, & tweak to find what’s best for you with the PLAN B.

    ONLY $27



Our customers like us — they really like us!
  • I may not catch you live but, when I do I absolutely LOVE you. So honest and encouraging. I think it’s amazing.


  • Your personal story resonated with me. Your resources have been a part of my regular routine for quite a bit.


  • I stumbled upon your work and I felt an immediate connection.


The permission slip to rant, vent, & let the steam out.

Not the kind of RESET you can do by eating more veggies (I won’t tell you hate broccoli ????) or the one, you do every Spring to clean out your closets or tidy up your home sweet home.

I’m THE workbook that will help you hit the PAUSE button to see what’s going on in your life, show you how to dust yourself up (aka how to be effing proud of you), & decide what you want to do for the next 12 months.

No goal setting

No meditation

No crystal required

No double chocolate chip cookie ???? (just kiddin’ THIS one is ?)

A journey of a thousand miles starts with ONE tiny step: RESET is YOUR tiny step.

ONLY $27

If “good vibes only” makes you cringe & all you want is drink another glass of Veuve Cliquot ???? while scrapping a giant jar of Nutella… ????

RESET is made for you.

If following the herd of questionable green juice at 3am, being locked in a closet at 1am to follow a workshop (hello time difference), & erasing every tiny bits of fun from your life are your big NO-NOs…

Then, RESET will give you the same dopamine shot you had in the 90s listening STOP from the Spice Girls ????