Mediocre or Marvelous? Defying self-help view on Comfort Zone

How to slam common myth in the face (with a smile)

« Mediocrity starts when you swap your love for challenge for your love for comfort » Brendon Burchard

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Mediocrity starts when you swap self respect for embarking into hustle culture.

Mediocrity starts when you swap your self love for toxic positivity and self help guilt.

Mediocrity starts when you praise poor personal boundaries and you praise ticking off to do list as the only adult way to live.

Mediocrity starts when you listen gurus who ramble the same story for years trying to hammer the fake idea the more exhausted you are, the worthier you are.

Mediocrity starts when you consider suicide* as a more enjoyable life strategy than following the constant pressure of over performing, neglecting your basic needs to pile up fake recognition awards…

Mediocrity starts when you doubt your needs to slow down, to rest, to recharge your battery, to live the life you love way outside the go go go culture.

Mediocrity starts when you believe that kind of cookie cutter crap.

Mediocrity starts when you hide your emotions and your sensitivity to accommodate Linda, your always look good colleague.

Mediocrity starts when you push yourself so thin you’re unable to ground yourself anymore.

Mediocrity starts when you’re so misinformed that you mix up « comfort zone » and « resting on your laurels »

Mediocrity starts when you’re so prompt to look smart you don’t even take time to do your research.

Mediocrity starts when you second guess what’s good for you.

Mediocrity starts when you share pointless assumptions. Without even considering how hurtful and traumatic it can be.

Mediocrity starts when you deny your right to deserve more.

You deserve more than mediocrity.

You deserve to carve a path where you’re proud, free, and daring.

You deserve to trust your own judgement.

You deserve to pile up tiny wins.

You deserve to rely on your comfort zone as a limitless realm of stacked successes, upcoming new endeavours, and heartfelt memories.

Deal with that mediocrity. (Mic dropped)

*NEVER take those feelings lightly. Look for help. Talk to a professional. Search local mental health support. You matter.

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