✨Welcome Cynthia✨

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome … (I’ve always loved this quote from Cabaret)

Comfort Zone Rocks is a community like no other… no group, no fuss, no distraction. It’s a safe haven (minus the adorable yet drooling Saint Bernard) for people to sip a macchiato, eat a slice of apple pie, laugh out loud, and make cosiness a priority.

I’d like to thank you for your trust and your openness. Dealing with social anxiety is no joke. And, I hope what I’ve curated for you may support you.

Please, always bear in mind you’re a very gifted tarot reader. You have a unique way of channelling messages and it shows big time.

* PS: I wish I could have recorded a video for you. Unfortunately, I’m not at my best right now and writing is a more meaningful medium to me. Hope you’ll understand.


Like any yummy cupcake, it wouldn’t be complete without a topping or two… or three… let’s get wild. I curated tools and resources so you can handle baby steps like Naomi Campbell mastered the catwalk wearing 197cm high heels.

Ok… maybe her heels were not that high.

The Unapologetic Manifesto

Because eating double gooey chocolate cookies all day long is not a healthy option (unfortunately), here’s a healthy reminder of your awesomeness (pro tip: it loves to be printed, and hanged out on a wall)

Short on time to brainstorm cosy ideas?

Gotcha… Whether you have 10 or 30 min, you’re a hermit at heart (hello Virgo energy) or a social butterfly like the Queen of Wands, you’ll find ideas to recharge your battery.

Need a living proof you’re making progress?

Sometimes, we’re so caught up cooking lemon pie out of all the lemons life throws at us, we forget ALL the tiny successes and victories we should celebrate for keeping our head above the water.

Whatever you want to remember or monitor, this is for you.

Need assistance? help? another slice of pie?

While I won’t be very supportive if you ask for another slice of pie, I promise I’m one click away if you drop me an email at KeepItSimple@ComfortZone.Rocks

If my book or tools help you, please consider leaving a testimonial at https://comfortzone.rocks/testimonial/