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‘cos Post It fly around & travel pigeons need a break.. Really they need it.

Contact me

aka what to do when you want to scribble a note or contact me AND no travel pigeon is available ????

What’s better than a day listening Sabaton ????, sipping a humongous white raspberry mocha ☕ & a square (or three) of chocolate? 

Watching YOUR messages poppin’ into my inbox- mind-boggling, right?

Scroll down & fill the form (don’t shoot the messenger, law compliances are painfully mandatory) or cut to the chase & land your postcard 2.0 (aka your message) at

(bc “request #267953” is def’ not the coziest way to answer your message)

+ I’m not that old to read hieroglyphs (even if 99% of my handwritten stuff is packed with cryptic signs even Enigma couldn’t grasp)