About Purdey Penrose

About Purdey Penrose

Purdey Penrose – AKA “The Thought Provoking Tattooed Scholar” is a Multi Creative: writer, podcaster, course creator & founder of Comfort Zone Rocks, a movement to tame never ending “Normal Good Life” To Dos, cultivate cosy lifestyle & connect your multitalented dots.

Penrose, in between Gen X & early Millennial, launched Comfort Zone Rocks in 2022 to (re) discover the emotional, physical, spiritual benefits of embracing a cosy (hygge-ish) way of living to build a rock solid sense of self-assertiveness- all while breaking free from the “name & shame” regularly associated with “comfort zone”. Her mission is to own the concept of Comfort Zone with a new perspective: by turning it into an endless source of success, victory, and confidence to dare.

Penrose is the author of COMFORT ZONE ROCKS, an anti self-help book plotting her journey from recovering after a suicidal attempt during her PhD in Montreal (Canada) paired with massive burn out, to discovering the power of intuition, cosiness, and healthy boundaries. (currently in editing)

Penrose is also the host of COZY, DOTS, AND TIME (formerly known as THE HYGGE PLANNER SHOW), with more than 135 episodes and over 122 000 downloads since its launch. It’s a 10-min break to let the steam out and your hair down when you’re a Multi-Talented (currently in rebranding)

She can’t live without heavy metal, has to eat Swiss chocolate or else… and is probably somewhere writing/ doodling/sketch-noting a way to mix two unrelated topics like sushi and tarot. Mulitpotentialite ’til the fingertips.

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