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Rockstars Testimonials

Our customers like us — they really like us!
  • Thank you for the webinar yesterday. I appreciate all the work you are doing to support those of us in the virtual world.


  • You just made my day. I’m honored to be a part of your journey.

    Marina De Giovanni

  • Ooohh I want that book!


  • I have never seen anyone use Hygge like that…makes me wonder… maybe it works.


Your life deserves more. More Cosiness. More Creativity. More Confidence.

Because there’s more to live than attending 13 Zoom calls ???? each week, drinking questionable green juice ???? at 3am, never ending small talks ???? around a coffee machine on a gloomy Monday morning, meditating ???? for months under your cold ???? shower, or doing aerial power kung fu yoga ballet ????….

No chocolate cookie ???? was hurt on this page… (or maybe one… but sshh ?)

Possible side effects of COSY UP & EFF ‘EM ALL: big smile, good laugh, sparks of genius, amazing taste in music, chocolat lover, & a good dose of “do no harm but take no sh!” way of living.

  • I love the guided sections of Reset. That’s nice to have something to “walk” me through stages of thinking and reflection in preparation for the next year.


  • I really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me. Your advice about actively planning Me Time and the fact it’s not selfish is something I want to work on.


  • You are my biggest inspiration and always have been.


  • Thank you so very much for your time sharing your insight and knowledge.


  • What an interesting podcast. Such practical advice and her voice is so calming.


  • This is such a wonderful idea and something I think many people need to do to help them work through their thoughts and feelings. Thank you for putting this together.


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