Create moments You’re Eager To Dwell On

A thought-provoking Newsletter for Frequently Frazzled Multi-Creatives who want to connect their talented dots with confidence (Without the 3AM Yoga Silliness or Frosty Showers Meditations)

The Comfort Zone Rocks Act:

What we stand for & live by


It’s OK to unwind & take a nap cuddling your 13-year old dog.

Our Lifestyle is rooted in a warm, homey & comfy way of life.


You have the right to say NO without explanation.

Your time is your most precious resource. Your emotional well-being deserves healthy boundaries.


We stand for a new definition of Comfort Zone as a lifelong reminder of your past (tiny) victories/ successes + the proof you’re capable to wildly expand it


You’re 100% entitled to do no harm but take no sh!t & say to your boss, Nelly, you’ll be ready on time for your presentation (aka her 128 emails/ day are pointless)

Introducing our branded method:

The Comfort Zone Lifestyle©.


Based on 3 pillars (Craft, Plan, & Release) this lifestyle encapsulates how to  craft a cozy-paced lifestyle,  plan your day like a Maestro, and release self-doublt so much so you build a rock solid assertiveness to embrace your multipotentiality.


Just like its first aid counterpart, our framework infuses a breath of much needed fresh air when you feel suffocated and repressed.




Cherry on the top of the framework? It’s fully customizable



No mandatory lists of items to buy.

No cookie cutter tips.

No shame or guilt for hating broccoli juice.


We share tools.
You test, and tweak to spot what’s meaningful, enjoyable, & sustainable for you.

About Comfort Zone Rocks


Comfort Zone Rocks is a lifestyle consulting company that helps Frequently Frazzled Multi Creatives feel confident AF by embracing one simple philosophy: do no harm but take no sh!t and applying the Comfort Zone Lifestyle Framework.